Titus Brandsmaparochie (Church Board) 23 - 24 October 2020 for a 24 hour arrangement

(translated from the original text in Dutch)

As the board of the Titus Brandsmaparochie in Oss we held a study weekend in the former Mariënkroon abbey in Nieuwkuijk. It was Corona time and therefore the accommodations were not up for grabs. We chose this meeting place because we had nothing to choose from. It turned out to be a four-star top location without exaggeration. It was also made Corona-proof.

We each had a simple single room with toilet and shower. Extremely clean, clean and comfortable. That can certainly be said of the meeting accommodation which is equipped with the most modern audio and video equipment, neat and comfortable furniture and excellent light and air treatment.
The meals are plentiful, of excellent quality and tasty. You will be served what the pot has to offer but all dietary requirements will be carefully considered. Excellent.

And if you want to have a glass of wine after three half-day meetings, there is also the bar where there is room for other recreational activities.

And the price-quality ratio underlines that choosing accommodation at Mariënkroon Abbey will exceed your wildest expectations. Highly recommended in every respect, not least by the extremely hospitable team of staff led by Jean-Marc. And for those who don't want to meet and relax, there is the beautiful surroundings of the dunes of Drunen and the land of Heusden and Altena. And attractive for groups, but also for couples or individuals.
We put Mariënkroon Abbey on our number 1 as a meeting location and hope not to have to look any further.

Henk Peters, Vice-Chairman of the Church Board

Review taken from Airbnb

Raad van Kerken (9 and 10th of September) 

(Review translated in English from the Dutch church council -Raad van Kerken) - for a day conference and 32 hour arrangement. 

On 9 and 10 September, the Council of Churches in the Netherlands held its days away in Abdijhof Mariënkroon. We were warmly welcomed on September 9. Signs showed us the way. Everywhere, one and a half meters had been taken into account because of Covid-19. A large tent was set up for the sixty-five members of the Council, equipped with heating, ventilation and a good sound system. We ended our first day with a vespers in the open air, in a circle under large trees. For lunch we got a tasty buddha bowl; at dinner especially the grilled vegetables stood out. After a pleasant evening in the bar, the good beds in the small but perfectly furnished rooms guaranteed everyone's sleep. The morning prayer took place in the chapel, where we could also maintain the required distance from each other and in which people from Focolare also participated. The staff and volunteers of Mariënkroon have done everything to make our away days a success. We can look back on very successful days.