The Abdijhof is the big house inside Mariënkroon that can be an extension of your own home, where you receive family, friends or co-workers to experience moments of rest, fun, studies and connection with each other, with nature and with God.

  • For  activities related here, you can contact us at +31 (0) 73-5113651 or send us an email to
  • For activities related to the Focolare and other groups, click here.

Inside areas


The reception is the heart of Mariënkroon. Here you will always find one of our volunteers widely open to welcome, listen or guide you through our information, brochures, magazines, books, souvenirs, coffee, tea and ice creams. The reception is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00h to 17:00h.

Lounge guest’s room

The Refter is the cozy room destinated to our guests to have drinks, snacks, hang out and play board games. Here we have a small kitchen available if you need to cook your own food. On Tuesdays at 10:00h our volunteers gather here before initiating the activities.

Playroom for kids

Kids under 10 years have their own space for painting, drawing, building blocks, read books and have fun together inside the abbey. Childcare is also possible under consultation.

Catholic Chapel

The abbey has a large Catholic chapel inherited from the Cistercians fathers. There are approximately 200 seats plus the Children’s chapel inside it. The chapel is open during celebrations and guided tours. Eucharistic celebrations: Mon-Wed-Fri 18:45h / Saturday 12:00h / Sunday 10:00h. Please find the updated times in the link below.

Ecumenical chapel

The smaller chapel in the abbey is our ecumenical chapel. On Sundays at 17:00h there is an ecumenical Vespers service (during 15 minutes approximately) and on Wednesdays at 08:45h there is an ecumenical morning prayer (duration approximately 10 minutes).

Mariënkroon Museum

In the chapel corridor and the cloister of the abbey is a permanent exhibition about 110 years of the life of the Cistercians in Mariënkroon, organized by the Stichting Abdij Mariënkroon (SAM). At the end of the cloister in the glass conservatory after the green door is a permanent exhibition about the Focolare. There are no official opening times yet, but you can ask at the reception to take a look.


Our strength is the people behind every activity, taking care and preparing each environment for the well-being of our guests. Every Tuesday dozens of volunteers come to help with the maintenance of the park and buildings. If you want to contribute in one of these initiatives, please register at the reception or send us an email. If it is difficult on weekdays, you can sign up for the Saturday shift (on every first Saturday of the month).

Op adem komen iniciative

We all face difficult times emotionally e spiritually during our lives, so our team of religious and psychologists offer their services throughout a three or four days stay combining sessions, rest and spiritual retreat.

Outside areas

Main Square lounge

Our main square was recently closed for cars to be a living street area, so now you can enjoy all seasons to have picnics, coffee/tea, lunch, drinks by the fire and even barbecue! The improvements are still in progress, but you can already have the best time together with your family and friends.

Children's nature playground

10 years ago, the kids of our community design the space where they wished to play outside and it turn out to be our nature playground also with toys, bicycles and external games stored along the area.

Sports and games

Teenagers and adults can have a good time playing tennis table, ping pong, volleyball, soccer and a jeu de boules court outside. Sticks, balls and batminton rackets are available aside the tennis table.

Gymnastic and Yoga

If you want to keep your fitness up during your stay, we have a small gym available and Yoga classes on demand.

Walking and guided tour

Our 9 acre of land reunites natural fauna and flora beauties plus historical monuments which you can discover through nice walks or during a 30 minutes guided tour. Guided tours can be arranged on request for groups of at least 7 people. The costs are € 5 per person (including a cup of coffee/tea).

Bike rent

The Netherlands is the kingdom of cyclists, not only because of the natural flat land all over the country, but the thousands of well-signed kilometers of cycle routes throughout nature and cities. If you want to enjoy some moments on a two-wheel friend during your stay, we offer bike rent - to be booked beforehand – for € 10 per day per person. Electric bikes for € 22,50.


Have a nice time with your family and friends for a weekend or more days at our camping zone. We provide you power, Wi-Fi around the buildings and the use of the shower and lavatory unit with hot and cold (drinkable) water.

Escape Room

Come inside this family caravan parked at Mariënkroon and work cooperatively with your team discovering clues, solving puzzles and accomplishing tasks having only an hour to escape! Sing in at