Funeral Proposal and Details

Abdijhof Mariënkroon, known to be a former monastery, is the perfect place to provide condolence in a unique, quiet and green atmosphere. Situated near Den Bosch, the cemetery Algemene begraafplaats Onsenoort and next to the Crematorium, we offer the possibility to organise your farewell. Mariënkroon features a church, rooms tailored to your needs and catering options. You are welcome in Mariënkroon to take a look at the various rooms and feel free to contact us for more information. We will be happy to make you a tailor-made offer.



Meeting and Event facilities (following the covid-19 guidelines)

  • Oecumenical chapel for farewell (up to 10 people at once)
  • Church (up to 55 people)
  • Tent for up 90 people (from April to October)
  • 3 Meeting rooms for up to 45 people with separate access
  • 2 meeting rooms for up to 10 people
  • 1 Bar (upon availability)
  • In-house audio-visual material
  • Outsourced or home-made catering facilities


Prices and Packages

Fixed price rental of a meeting room for a funeral € 470 or Fixed price rental of the chapel € 470.

Room rental for the koffietafel is € 13 per person without the rental of a meeting room for a ceremony.

Audio-Visual Option 1: Own live streaming with fixed camera broadcasting on Youtube € 250

Audio-Visual Option 2: Live streaming with moving camera € 400

Audio-Visual Option 3: Outsourced live streaming (personalised offer based on needs) (with 2 TV’s with the picture of the person, 2 moving cameras, live-streaming, microphones and material: +/- € 950)

Food Option 1: With the rental of a meeting room, every item chosen from our catering option is paid individually with a minimum of € 5.

Food Option 2: Outsourced Catering – luxe broodjes with an average price of 3.50 per sandwich.

Food Option 3: For € 5 per person added to the rental of the room, you can enjoy a krentenbol and home-made white and brown sandwiches with meat or cheese.

Every additional item (i.e. option of cake, sandwiches, soup, worstenbrood for 2€) will be added to the 5€.

Beverage option 1: Every item is paid individually.

Beverage option 2: Unlimited drinks at the bar for € 6 per person per hour.

Beverage option 3: Unlimited coffee, tea, orange juice and water for € 3 per person. After this, every item is paid individually.


Package 1: Everything is paid individually

  • Meeting room rental or rental of the church €470
  • Food option 1 (based on the amount sold)
  • Beverage option 1 (based on the amount sold)
  • Our own Audio-Visual (optional)

Price for i.e. 55 people: € 745 (rental of meeting room, coffee, tea and worstenbroodje of taart)

Package 2: Luxury package

  • Meeting room rental or rental of the church €470
  • Food option 2 for 55 people: € 195
  • Beverage option 2 6x 55= € 330
  • Outsourced Audio-Visual from our partners +/- € 500

As an example for 55 people: € 1495

Package 3: Koffietafel

  • Meeting room rental 13€
  • 2 Sandwiches and krentenbol 7€
  • Unlimited coffee and tea 3€
  • Our own Audio-Visual (optional): € 400

As an example for 1 person: 23€

Possibility to add a choir singing or to work together with funeral guidance