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Work from Mariënkroon

With the increase of working from home due to the current pandemic, Abdijhof Mariënkroon provides a great work setup with a remote office without any home distractions or anxieties.

It offers 4 rooms with a bed, bathroom and a desk. All of them have reasonably quick internet. Mariënkroon is also unique for its historical and natural surroundings, with 9 hectares, there is enough space to keep social distance, have a break by walking in nature and get inspired by a green environment. 

This idea targets digital nomads who wish to work and stay here for longer as well as day use customers. 

Interested in searching for more inspiration while working? Switch up your working from home routine and spend the day working at Abdijhof Mariënkroon!


For bookings online press here. For more information or bookings, send an e-mail to info@abdijhof.com or call us 06-12713726. 

Please book 48 hour in advance. 


Overnight stay in the Abdijhof Mariënkroon

Are you searching for a calm and green environment to relax? 

Are you searching to re energise yourself despite all the actual issues happening? 

Then join us in Mariënkroon! Our rooms can be rented as Bed and Breakfast. 

For questions or information, please call +31735113651, send an e-mail at info@abdijhof.com or press here


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Covid-19 update

About us

Mariënkroon features a conference centre called Abdijhof which has many possibilities

This website offers information about the conference centre. 

This link will help you understand who we are and how we work. 


Who we are


If you need more information about Mariënkroon, please visit marienkroon.nl/, call us +31(0)735113651, or send an e-mail to: info@abdijhof.com

Visit us for an organic cup of coffee Monday to Friday in the reception from 9 to 17! We are happy to welcome you here. 

To sign up to the Sunday mass, please visit http://marienkroon.nl/nieuws/corona-update/ for more information. 

Book a room for your meetings or events

Our conference centre offers many possibilities from conferences to any type of events, from 1 hour meeting to a week retraite. 


Choose your room or arrangement and we will make sure to make a tailor-made offer which suits your needs. 

All our rooms offer audio visual material as well as flipchart. 

Meeting rooms

 For food and beverage options, it is possible to start your day with a sweet treat, enjoy snacks during a borrel or stay for lunch and dinner. 
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Food and Beverage


Why us?

Green and inspiring environment

Mariënkroon is located in a unique green and calm environment, surrounded by 9 hectares of nature. There are many options to walk around, experiencing the old and rich history behind the buildings and go on a bike tour.

Extensive possibilities

From 6 meeting rooms to 50 rooms and 3 apartments, Abdijhof Mariënkroon offers many possibilities for conferences, brain storm sessions, hybrid meetings, bed and breakfasts, funeral ceremonies and Coffee tables.


From Escape rooms to bike tours, pass by the reception to ask for more information about all the types of activities we offer

Holidays in Mariënkroon

Want to have a relaxed holiday surrounded by nature? Book your stay online and we will be happy to welcome you here